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Gas Gang vape pen Banana Split (2 gram pen)

Banana split is a indica pen and is 2 grams

Gas Gang vape pen Death Bubba (2 gram pen)

Death Bubba is a Indica Pen

Gas Gang Vape Pen Trix (2 gram pen)

Trix is an indica vape pen

Gas Gang Vape Pen Zkittles (2 gram pen)

Zkittles vape pen is an indica

Gas Gang vape pen Mai Tai (2 gram pen)

This is a 1g Sativa Vape pen

Gas Gang Vape Pen Watermelon (2 gram pen)

This is a 1g Hybrid Vape pen

Mystery 🤔 mashup OZ only

It’s Back only this time we have no idea what it is 😝 but it’s affordable and cheap so we hope

Yukon Gold (Oz only)

Yukon Gold is a hybrid strain that is a cross between two classic Indica strains, the Afghan Kush and the

Recon (OZ Only)

Recon, also known as “ReCon” and “Recon OG,” is an indica marijuana strain. ReCon is a perfect blend of two

Mid Grade mash up 79$ Oz

Mid grade mash up is a blend of bud that is rated AA-AAA sativa’s and indica’s that make a nice